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Maybe others have said this already (I haven't read through all the posts yet)......but a 335i is one of those cars for people who have to really enjoy working on their own stuff. If not, the maintenance costs will kill you.

I bought my 07' 335i a couple of years ago because I got it super cheap, and I was looking for a car to tinker with. I read all the info out there, and knew what I was getting into.....I thought.

I really like the car, I've modded it to around 550hp now, it's a blast to drive..and it's different...BUT, I've lost track of how much I've spend just on replacement parts and maintenance. Injectors, coils, plugs, belts, pulleys, bushings, fuel pumps, sensors, oil pan gasket, engine mounts, transmission shift solenoids and service seems like it's always something going wrong with it. Currently it's on my lift waiting for a new HPFP.

1. I would never buy one unless you have a reliable backup car.

2. I would never buy one unless you have the space, time, and tools to do your own work....and you actually enjoy it.

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