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My 2011 335i xDrive has been good to me since I picked it up back in 2016 at 39k miles. I'm at 70k miles now and here is what I can say.

Biggest gripes are premature oil leakage at the OFHG ($1400 job at dealership), and all the other seals since the car was at 40k miles.

Water pump went out at 50k miles ($1400 to replace at BMW), Turbo Air Intake Pipe Split at 60k miles ($200 to replace with metal pipe and a quick 20 minute DIY)

I'm at 70k miles and its been a quiet year so far. I know I need to do the spark plugs and possibly shock mounts soon.

As for power. I came from a 228HP 2001 330i and my 300HP 335i never felt incredibly more powerful. If anything I've enjoyed the xDrive and 0 to 60 acceleration much more than anything else. The best part of the 335i is the low end torque and quick acceleration at lower speeds. I live in NYC where I'm ALWAYS sitting or crawling in some sort of traffic and when the roads are empty the cops are always out waiting for a meal ticket so I'm never speeding around or trying to track the car out on local roads.

As for mods...on my 3rd BMW and I've driven and assisted in DIYing many more BMWs and the 335i is a joy to mod. You can do a lot to it. comfort mods, performance mods, retrofits, etc... If you get the early N54 engine 335i I've heard some folks get Buggatti performances out of those engines.

Used Car prices are crazy high right now in my area and dealerships all over have shortages and will try to sell you a crappy car for a ton of money so just beware of that. Since they start of the pandemic my local mechanic has seen hundreds of newly bought used BMWs come thru his shop (many of which come in broken and either to remain permanently in shop or to leave for the scrap yard). Some people don't even collect their cars because they can't afford to or realized a 20 year old V8 7 Series leaking green coolant is not quite the baller status they were looking for.

I even joked with the mechanic that whoever is selling all these old beat up BMWs, and its usually ALWAYS an older big engine BMW, is just gonna make mechanics and tow truck drivers rich.

A year ago I would have been happy to sell my car at 60k miles for $10,000 not at 70k miles I can sell my car easily and quickly for $15k to $20k. Demand is crazy high and EVERYONE and their MOM wants a BMW!!!!


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