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Originally Posted by Hoody007 View Post
It’s always an E65 - misfiring or puking black smoke out of the tail pipe from the valve stem seals.

The N62 is junk. Unmitigated junk.

At least the N54 is reliable once the HPFP and injectors are taken care of...
Until the knock sensors act up and put you in limp mode.
Until the until the transmission slips and puts you in limp mode.
Until you get a small deviation in boost target vs. actual boost (boost leak) and it puts the car into limp mode.
Until the rear crank seal starts to leak.
Until the LPFP dies on you and leaves you stranded.
Until the MOSFETS in the DME crap out and leave you stranded.
Until the LPFP pressure regulator acts up and starts causing fueling problems.
Until the oil pan gasket starts puking oil out everywhere.
Until the turbo wastegates start rattling like crazy
Until the turbo seals start leaking and the car starts blowing smoke all the time.
Until the boost solenoids act up and cause multiple different types of issues.
Until the PVC system starts acting up causing issues with oil supply to the turbos, causing them to fail.
Until the OFHG starts to leak, gets the serpentine belt oily, and it gets sucked into the crank seal..possibly destroying in.

....I could go on and on.

Don't get me wrong, I love my 07' 335i.....but you REALLY need to love working on these cars, or it will just make you mad with all the stuff that can (and does) go wrong or act up on them. I would definitely not own one as my old mode of transportation. My 03' Mini S with 190K miles on it is ten times more reliable than my 07' 335i with 100K on it.

When people say "if a passenger farts in your seat, it will put the car into limp mode"'s almost not a joke
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