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3D printed rear passenger sunshade tabs?

Greetings -

328xi, rear passenger full window sun shade screens, not 1/4 panel window screens. Right side had retracted back into the door as it appears previous owner's dog chewed off tab at top of screen.

Has anyone 3D printed replacements for these? Does anyone want to? Please.

That said, fixing the retracted screen roller was way easier than I anticipated. I had literally no luck in finding any sort of vids or guidance on what steps to take after removing door panel. Self-contained unit that releases from door via tabs, happy to help anyone who has run into this problem. Since no tab, I ran a couple of tabs of velcro in each of the hook holes at top of shade so that it cannot retract again back into window.

Though would very much like to keep OG aesthetic - smoker's package, cold weather. The missing tab is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance, cheers!
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