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Replacement tabs part number for rear door sunshade?

Is there a part number for the replacement tabs?

QUOTE=Serf27;28303201]You can buy replacement tabs for the large shade.
I replaced both of mine using 2 new clips and a thin rod of the metal. I used the metal rod from a ball inflater. I cut off the end that connects to the hand pump.

Fish out the shade with an angled pick.
Side the rod into your new clip
Pry open the top of the shade plastic trim.
The trim has a a small slot where the rod will fit perfectly.
Test fit the rod to make sure itís the correct length for the slot. (Cut to size)
Put crazy glue on the ends of the rod (none in the middle) and slide it into the slot on the shade.
Use a clamp on each end to keep the the shade trim shut until the glue dries.

Glue on the ends only lets the new tab rotate like oem.[/QUOTE]
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