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Dear LuxAngelEyes

I purchased from FCP EURO: LUX E90 V6 LED 6500K Angel Eye Bulbs
I installed them in January 2017.

Now April 2019 after 2 years 1 of the 2 bulbs has failed and stopped working.

I'm very upset because I read all the positive reviews about Lux and the product description from Lux that the lights typically were lasting 8 years.

Now I have contacted FCPEuro and they asked me to remove them and send back.
Removing the lights without having a replacement to install means I will have to do the whole process twice which took about 1 hour doing it carefully.

Can you please PM me so I could email you all the purchase details and photos and ask you for a forward replacement of just 1 bulb??????????

I would sincerely appreciate it.