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      05-26-2012, 09:43 PM   #1
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What Modules go with what VO?


I am going to add a VO to my E90. Interested to know where I can find a list defining what modules are associated with what VO's. I am specifically interested in the following VO impacts on modules:

6NR - BMW Apps
2MD - MDrive

There must be a list somewhere, haven't been able to find one.
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Here You Go...

S000a Dummy-salapa
S001a La Wird Nicht Als Paket Gesteuert
S100a Payload Increase
S102a Chassis, Officials Utility Vehicle
S103a Aggregateunterschutz
S103a Ganzjahresreifen
S104a Nahost-version
S105a Auftragssteuerung "bund"
S106a Safety Vehicle
S107a Vorbereitung Fahrtenschreiber
S110a Vorbereitung Montage Notarztschild
S112a Kontraststreifen Leuchtrot Ral3024
S113a Kontraststreifen Minz-grün Hell
S114a Beklebung Polizei Norddeutschland
S115a Paramedic Sticker Nrw
S115a Beklebung Feuerwehr Nrw
S116a Standartenhalter Links
S117a Standartenhalter Rechts
S118a Top Speed Reduction
S118a Top Speed Reduction
S119a Elektrik Zusatzmodul
S120a Basic Equipment
S121a Bracket For Police Stop Sign
S121a Vorb. Unterbringung Anhaltekelle
S122a Sticks Holder
S123a Zusatz-innenspiegel
S124a Dachhimmel Behörde
S125a Innenausstattung Behörde Offen
S126a Innenausstattung Behörde Getarnt
S127a Waffenhalterung An Beifahrertür
S129a Waffenhalterung Im Dach Vorn
S130a Waffenhalterung In Mittelarml. Hi.
S131a Weapon Bracket
S139a Priority Vehicle Light, Blue
S140a 1 Rkle 130,tonfolge,polizeischaltung
S141a Tonfolgeanlage
S142a Zwei Rundumkennleuchten Blau
S143a Alarmschalter Mit Polizeischaltung
S144a Rkle Abnehmb. Tonf. Polizeisch.
S145a Alarmschalter Mit Feuerwehrschaltung
S146a Additional Energy Supply
S147a Priority Vehicle Light
S149a Double Flash Light, Removable
S150a Montage Rtk-4 Mit Handapparat
S151a Komplettmontage Rtk-6
S152a Special Signaling System
S155a Montage Top-4 Mit Handapparat
S159a Montage Aero-dynic-anlage
S160a Montage Becker Signalanlage Lu 322
S162a Vorbereitung Montage Martinshorn
S165a Its Head Airbag Deactivation
S166a Vorber. Anhaltesignal Hutablage
S167a Exhaust Emission Standard Eu 4
S168a Exhaust Gas Reduction Eu 2
S169a Diesel Catalyst
S169a Exhaust Gas Reduction Eu 3
S170a Vorb. Fug 2m-4m Bd, Aeg(bka)
S170a Prep, Install Radio Equip. Aeg Teledux
S171a Vorbereitung Einbau Fug Ascom
S172a Vorber. Fug 7b Kpl. Handschuhk.
S172a Preparation F Fuel Containing Ethanol
S173a Vorber. Fug 7b/8b/9c Handschuhk.
S174a Vorb. Fug 8b/9c Handschuhk.
S175a Vorb. Fug 8b/9c
S176a Vorb. Fug 8b/9c Abgesetzt
S178a Support, Manual Radio Equipment
S179a Irritant Gas Sensors
S180a Vorbereitung Dachantenne
S180a Roof Antenna
S181a Vorbereitung/montage Heckantenne
S182a Fire Extinguishing System
S183a Vorber. Für Aktive Verteidigung
S184a Emergency Exit Front Windshield
S185a Unmasked Official Vehicle
S186a Einsatzfahrzeug Getarnt
S187a Bodenschutz
S188a Fensterheber El. Vorne Behörde
S189a Fensterheber El. Vo./hi. Behörde
S190a Intercom
S191a Fensterheber El. Vorne Rechts Beh.
S192a Fensterheber El. Vorne Links Beh.
S193a Heated Windshield + Side Windows Dropped
S194a Remote Start System
S195a Zusätzliche Bodenpanzerung
S196a Kraftstofftank Auslaufhemmend
S197a Akustische Und Optische Alarmanl.
S198a Zusätzliche Frischluftanlage
S199a Version For Leaded Fuel
S199a Without Catalytic Converter
S1caa Dummy-salapa
S1cba Acea / Co2 Scope
S200a Particle Filter
S200a Without Catalytic Converter
S201a Rape Methyl Ester Capability (rme)
S202a Steptronic
S203a 4-wheel Drive
S204a Shorter Final Drive Ratio
S204a Drive Layout, Export
S205a Automatic Transmission
S206a Sequential Manual Gearbox
S207a 6-gear Transmission
S208a Dsc Iii Discontinued
S209a Limited Slip Differential
S210a Dynamic Stability Control
S210a Dynamic Stability Control Iii
S211a Dynamic Stability Control
S212a Equipment, Brake Syst. Country-specific
S212a Abs Discontinued
S213a Automatische-stabilitäts-control
S213a Hill-descent-control
S214a Autom.-stabilitäts-control (asc+t)
S215a Servolenkung, Drehzahlabhängig
S216a Hydro Steering-servotronic
S217a Active Steering
S217a Leather Steering Wheel
S218a Leather Sports Steering Wheel Ii
S219a Sport-lederlenkrad 380 Mm
S220a Levelling Device
S221a Two-axle Levelling Device
S223a Edc
S224a Driving Dynamics Control
S225a Deleted, Sports Suspension
S226a Sporty Suspension
S227a Sportfahrw.+tieferleg.+niveaureg.
S228a Komfortfahrwerk
S228a Sporty Suspension Plus
S229a Dynamic Drive
S230a Extra Package, Eu-specific
S230a Low-slung Sports Suspension
S231a Deleted: 250 Km/h Limitation
S232a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Radial Spoke 50
S233a Trailer Load Increased
S234a Trailer Tow Hitch, Height Adjustable
S235a Towing Hitch, Detachable
S236a Bmw La Wheels With Mixed Tires
S238a Bmw La Wheel, Double Spoke 93
S239a Bmw La Wheel Styling 94
S240a Steering Wheel,leather, Airbag
S241a Air Bag For Driver And Passenger
S242a Steering Wheel Airbag
S243a Passenger Air Bag
S244a Manually Adjust. Steering Column
S245a Electric. Adjust. Steering Column
S246a Manually Adjust. Steering Column
S247a Lenkradaxialverstellung Mechanisch
S248a Steering Wheel Heater
S249a Multifunction F Steering Wheel
S250a Multi-functional Steering Wheel
S250a Side Airbag F Rear Passengers
S250a Seitenairbags Für Fondpassagiere
S251a Tire Puncture Warning
S252a Active Knee Protection, Driver/passenger
S253a Steering Wheel, Leather, Cooper S
S253a Multi-functional Steering Wheel,wood
S254a Sport Steering Whl. With Wood Rim
S254a Steering Wheel Wood
S255a Sport Steering Whl.,leather, Airbag
S256a Sports Multifunct.strng Whl,cruise Cntrl
S257a Deactivation, Side Airbag Rear
S258a Bereifung Mit Notlaufsystem
S259a Deleted, Side Airbag
S260a Side Airbag For Driver/passenger
S261a Side Airbag F Rear Passengers
S262a Its - Head Airbag
S263a Its Head Airbag/rear Compartment
S263a La Wheels With Mixed Tires
S264a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 55
S265a Tire Pressure Control (rdc)
S266a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel 7jx16 St. 48
S267a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel 8jx17 St. 49
S268a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 95
S269a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Radial Spoke 32
S270a Räder Mit Breiterer Bereifung
S271a Bmw Lm Rad Z Line
S272a Bmw Lm Rad Z Star
S273a Bmw Light-alloy Wheel Star Spokes 43
S274a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 53
S274a Bmw La Wheel/flat Star Styling
S275a Bmw Lm Rad Verchromt/z Star
S276a Bmw Lm Rad Rundspeichenstyling
S277a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke
S278a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Bmw Styling
S278a Bmw La Wheels With Mixed Tires
S279a Bmw Light-alloy Wheel Star Spokes 45
S279a Bmw La Wheel Without Flat-running Prop.
S280a Bmw La Wheel-spoke 176
S281a Bmw Lm Rad Verchromt/rundspeichen
S282a Bmw Lm Rad Sportspeichenstyling Ii
S283a Bmw Lm Rad Bmw Styling Ii
S284a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Ellips. Styl. 46
S284a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Bmw Styling
S285a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Bmw Styling
S286a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Bmw Styling
S287a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 64
S288a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Cross Spoke 29
S289a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Bmw Styling
S290a Bmw Light-alloy Wheel Star Spokes 44
S291a Bmw Lm Rad Kreuzspeiche 2teilig
S292a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Cross Spoke 29
S293a Bmw La Wheel, V Spoke 54
S293a Bmw La Wheel W Flat-running Properties
S294a Bmw Lm Rad Vielspeichenstyling
S295a Bmw Lm Rad Exclusivstyling
S295a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 96
S296a Bmw Lm Rad Classic
S297a Bmw Lm Rad Streamline
S297a Bmw Lm Schmiederad/vielspeichen
S298a Bmw La Wheel Turbine Styling
S298a Bmw La Wheel, Double Spoke 98
S299a Bmw La Wheels With Mixed Tires
S2aaa Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Ellips. Styl. 46
S2aba Bmw La Wheel Ellipsoid Spoke 162
S2aca Bmw La Wheel, Ellipsoid Styling 109
S2ada Bmw La Wheel Ellipsoid Spoke 202
S2baa Bmw La Wheel, Double Spoke 88
S2bba Bmw La Wheel, Double Spoke 98
S2bca Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 111
S2bda Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 112
S2bea Bmw Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 148
S2bfa Bmw Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 154
S2bga Bmw Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 161
S2bha Bmw Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 156
S2bka Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 174
S2bla Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 174flat-runn.
S2c0a Bmw La Star Spoke 124 W Flat-runn. Prop.
S2c1a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 175
S2c2a Bmw La Star Spoke 175 W Flat-runn. Prop.
S2c3a Mini La Wheel 5 Star Rocket All-year
S2c4a Bmw Lm Rad Sternspeiche 157 Poliert
S2c5a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 185
S2c6a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 189
S2c7a Bmw La Star Spoke 218 W Flat-runn. Prop.
S2c8a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 200
S2c9a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 209
S2caa Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 119
S2cba Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 113
S2cca Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 132
S2cda Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 136
S2cea Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 137
S2cfa Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 138
S2cga Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 140
S2cha Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 142
S2cka Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 143
S2cla Mini Lm Rad 5 Star Rocket
S2cma Mini Lm Rad 5 Star Bullet M. Notlauf
S2cna Mini Lm Rad 5 Star Bullet
S2cpa Bmw La Wheel, Spider Spoke 137m.all-year
S2cra Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 153
S2csa Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 113
S2cta Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 151
S2cua Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 169
S2cva Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 170
S2cwa Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 171
S2cxa Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 155
S2cya Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 158
S2cza Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 159
S2eaa Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 149
S2haa Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 139
S2hba Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 160
S2hca Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 187
S2hda Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 190
S2hea Bmw La Radialspoke 32 W Flat-runn. Prop.
S2hfa Bmw La Radialspoke 32 W Flat-runn. Prop.
S2kaa Bmw La Wheel, V Spoke 110
S2kba Bmw La Wheel, V Spoke 130
S2kca Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, V-spoke 141
S2kda Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, V-spoke 168
S2kea Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, V-spoke 188
S2kfa Bmw Alloy Wheel M V-spoke 217
S2kga Bmw Lm Rad V-speiche 188 / All Season
S2laa Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 114
S2lba Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 131
S2lca Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 183
S2lda Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 211
S2lea Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 214
S2m0a Bmw La Wheel, Individual 152 I, 18"
S2m1a Bmw La Wheel, Individual 152 I, 19"
S2m2a Bmw La Wheel, Individual 152 I, 20"
S2m4a Dummy-salapa
S2maa Manual Transmission
S2mba Bmw Alloy Wheel, 19" Forged
S2mba Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 167
S2mca Bmw Lm Rad M Radialspeiche 166
S2mda M Drive
S2mea Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 194
S2mfa Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Spider Spoke 193
S2mga Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 207
S2mha Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 208
S2mla Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 192
S2mma Bmw Alloy Wheel M Y-spoke 191
S2mna Bmw Lm Rad M Doppelspeiche 192 / All S.
S2naa Interior Mirror With Digital-compass
S2nna Bmw M Leichtmetallraeder 172m 19"
S2nna Bmw Lm Rad M Doppelspeiche 172 / Notlauf
S2npa Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 135
S2npa Bmw M Leichtmetallraeder 135m 18"
S2raa Bmw Alloy Wheel, Trapezoid Style 134
S2rba Mini Lm Rad 7 Fin Spoke M. Notlauf
S2rca Aluminum Rim With Wheel Cover
S2rda Bmw La Wheel-spoke 176/mixed Tyres
S2rea Mini La Wheel Web Spoke Flat-runn. Prop.
S2rfa Mini La Wheel Delta Spoke
S2rga Mini La Wheel Bridge Spoke
S2rha Mini La Wheel Flame Spoke
S2rka Lm Raeder 15 Zoll R56 Cooper
S2rla Lm Raeder 15 Zoll R56 Optional
S2rna Lm Raeder 16 Zoll R56 Optional
S2rpa Lm Raeder 17 Zoll R56 Optional
S2rra Lm Raeder 17 Z. R56 Opt. Mit As Tyr.
S2rta Bmw La Wheel Turbine Styling 201
S2rua Lm Raeder 16 Zoll R57 Optional (arbeitsn
S2rxa Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 210
S2rya Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 212
S2rza Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 213
S2saa Wheels W/o Emergency Running Properties
S2taa Limited Slip Differential
S2tba 7-speed Sport Manual Gearbox
S2vaa Chassis & Suspens. Setup"adaptive Drive"
S2vba Tire Pressure Control (rdc)
S300a Emergency Wheel
S300a Zentralverr. M. Diebstahlsicherg.
S301a Alarm Systems
S301a All-terrain-bereifung
S302a Theft Alarm With Remote Control
S303a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Ellips. Styl. 60
S303a Burglar Al. With Tilt Alarm Sensor
S304a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Ellips. Styl. 60
S305a Fernbedienung Für Zentralverriegelung
S306a Schliesspaket
S306a Fernbedienung Für Zentralverriegelung
S306a Mini Alloy Wheel 7-hole 15"
S307a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Radial Spoke 61
S307a Sicherheitsverrieg. Für Gepäckraum
S308a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Cross Spoke 42
S308a Package Komfort
S309a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 57
S309a Bmw Lm Rad Sternspeichenstyling
S310a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Star Spoke 58
S310a Package Komfort
S311a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel Chromed
S311a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 69
S312a Bmw Lm Rad V-styling 63
S312a Bmw La Wheels With Mixed Tires
S313a Fold-in Outside Mirror
S314a Aussenspiegel/fahrerschloss Beheizt
S315a Rear Window Wiper
S316a Automatic Trunk Lid Mechanism
S317a Komfortbetätigung Türen
S317a Soft-close-automatik Kofferraumkl.
S318a Interior Surface In Vehicle Color
S318a Doppelte Sonnenblenden
S318a Soft-close Automatik Tür/kofferr.
S319a Universal Remote Control
S320a Entfall Modellschriftzug
S321a Exterior Parts In Vehicle Color
S321a Model Lettering
S322a Rear Chrome Strip Discontinued
S322a Passive Access System
S323a Soft-close-automatic Doors
S324a Bmw La Wheel, Ellipsoid Styling 107
S324a Front- Und Heckspoiler
S325a Rear Spoiler
S326a Entfall Heckspoiler
S327a Ornamental Strips On Hood, White
S328a Footplate, Aluminum
S328a Door Sill
S329a Ornamental Strips On Hood, Black
S331a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 102
S332a Bmw La Wheel Turbine Styling 106
S333a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 105
S333a Wind Deflector
S334a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 103
S334a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 71
S338a M Sports Package Ii
S339a Shadow-line
S340a Molding, Black
S340a Stossfänger Teillackiert
S341a Stossfänger Vollackiert
S342a Titan-line Interieur
S343a Chrome-line Matt
S344a Alu-line
S345a Chrome-line Interieur
S346a Chrome-line Exterieur
S347a Titan-line Exterieur
S348a Highlight Exterieur
S349a Highlight Interieur
S350a Bmw Composite Wheel, Star Spoke 108
S350a Therm. Insulat. Glass Green
S351a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 89
S352a Insulating Double-glazing
S353a Front- Und Heckscheibe Grünkeil
S354a Front Windshield Green Wedge
S355a Windshield, Clear With Anti-glare Strip
S355a Laminated Glass, All Around
S356a Klimakomfort-verglasung
S357a Protective Glazing
S358a Climate Comfort, Windshield
S359a Visibility Package
S359a Therm. Insulat. Glass Green/clear Windsh
S360a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 81
S361a Bmw La Wheel, Parallel Spoke 82
S361a Vent Window Rear
S362a Electric Vent Window, Rear
S363a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Radial Spoke 32
S364a Safety Tires
S365a Safety Tires
S365a Heckscheibe Verbundglas
S366a Bmw Lm Rad 8jx17 Styling 70
S367a Mini Alloy Wheel 8-spoke 15"
S368a Mini Alloy Wheel 5-star 16"
S369a Mini Alloy Wheel S-spoke 17"
S370a Land Rover Lm Rad Styling 1
S370a Verdeck Schwarz
S371a Land Rover La Wheel Styling 2
S372a Land Rover Lm Rad Styling 3
S372a Folding Top, Dunkel-braun
S373a Land Rover Lm Rad Styling 4
S373a Folding Top, Dunkel-blau
S374a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel,radial Styling
S375a Verdeck Elektromech. Schwarz
S375a Bmw La Wheel, Double Spoke 79
S376a Verdeck Elektromech. Dunkel-braun
S376a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 74
S377a Verdeck Elektromech. Dunkel-blau
S377a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 69
S378a Bmw La Wheel W Flat-running Properties
S379a Bmw La Wheel Y-spoke 80
S380a Hardtop-prepartation
S381a Outs.mirror Black/roof Vhcle Colour
S382a Outside Mirror/roof In White
S383a Outside Mirror/roof In Black
S384a Light Alloy Wheels, Painted White
S385a Mini Alloy Wheel X-lite 16"
S385a Roof Rack System
S385a Outside Mirror/roof In Grey
S386a Roof Rail
S387a Wind Deflector With Protective Cover
S388a Verdeck Schwarz
S389a Folding Top, Darkgrey
S390a Verdeck Klassisch-rot
S391a Folding Top, Dunkel-blau
S392a Folding Top, Dunkel-grün
S393a Verdeck Türkis
S394a Folding Top, Beige
S395a Rollover Protection System
S396a Safety Tires
S397a Bmw La Wheel Styling 83
S398a Electromech. Semiautom.folding Top
S399a Electromech. All-autom.folding Top
S3aba Mirror Cap In Vehicle Color
S3aca Trailer Coupling
S3ada Ornamental Strips On Hood, Park Lane
S3aea Ornamental Strips On Hood, Checkmate
S3afa Outside Mirror/roof In Silver
S3aga Reversing Camera
S3ala John Cooper Works Kit
S3ama Real Alloy Exterior R55 (arbeisname)
S3ana Silver Exterior R55 (arbeitsname)
S400a Schiebehebedach Handbetätigt
S401a Lift-up-and-slide-back Sunroof, Electric
S402a Electric Panoramic Roof
S403a Glass Roof, Electrical
S404a Double Cover-sliding Lifting Roof
S405a Outside Mirror, Chrome-plated
S406a Roll-back Roof
S410a Window Lifts,electric,front
S411a Window Lifts,electric,front/rear
S412a Pull-out Trunk Loading Floor
S413a Trunk Room Net
S414a Parcel Net, Passenger Side
S414a Roller Blind, Reinforced
S415a Sun Blind, Rear
S416a Roller Sun Vizor, Rear Lateral
S417a Roller Sun Vizor, Rear Door
S418a Luggage Compartment Package
S419a Glove Compartment Cover With Lighting
S420a Dark-tinted Windows
S421a Fire Extinguisher, Halon 2 Kg
S422a Fine Wood Trim, Mussle Maple
S423a Floor Mats Velours
S424a Floor Carpet, Black
S425a Interior Moldings
S426a Interior Moldings, Aluminium
S427a Interior Surface, Silver
S428a Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit
S429a Interior Surface, Anthracite
S430a Interior/outside Mirror With Auto Dip
S431a Interior Rearview Mirror With Auto Dip
S432a Rain Sensor/int. Mirror Auto Dim Action
S433a Interior Moldings Graphit
S434a Interior Surface Aluminium
S434a Interior Moldings
S435a Fine Wood Trim
S436a Prep. Infin. Variab. Dip In Rearv.mirror
S436a Fine Wood Trim
S437a Instrumententafel In Schwarz
S437a Fine Wood Trim
S438a Fine Wood Trim
S439a Interior Moldings
S439a Interior Moldings, Matt Chrome
S440a Non-smoker Package
S441a Smoker Package
S442a Cup Holder
S443a Compass Function
S444a Multi-purpose Armrest
S445a Paket Ablagetische
S445a Center Console To The Rear
S447a High Line Interior Lining
S449a Interior Toll Mirror For Japan
S449a Make-up Mirror In The Rear
S450a Aktive Sitzlehnenbelüftung
S450a Height Adjustment, Passenger Seat
S451a Höhenverstellung Beifahrersitz Mech.
S451a Aktivsitz Für Fahrer
S452a Entrance Assistance In The Rear
S452a Aktivsitze Im Fond
S453a Climatised Fornt Seats
S454a Sitzverstellung Elektrisch Fahrerseite
S454a Klimatisierte Sitze Hinten
S455a Sitzverstellung Elektrisch Fahrerseite
S455a Active Seat For Driver And Passenger
S456a Comfort Seat With Memory
S457a Kontursitz Vorne El. Mit Memory
S458a Electr.front Seat Adjustment
S459a El.front Seat Adjustment W. Memory
S460a Electr.rear Seat Adjustment
S460a Comfort Seat, Rear, Electr. Adjustable
S461a Electric Seat Backrest Adjustment, Rear
S463a Interior Surface Alloy Patina
S464a Ski Bag
S465a Through-loading System
S466a Roof Strip In Car Color
S467a Fondsitzbank Ohne Einzelsitzausformg.
S467a Taxi-fondsitze In Stoff
S468a Ski Bag
S468a Durchladesystem Mit Skisack
S469a Integrated Child Seats
S470a Isofix-system
S471a Interior Surface Graphit-metallic
S472a Armlehne Vorne Fahrer/beifahrer
S473a Armrest Front
S474a Front Armrest Discontinued
S475a Armlehne Vorne Inkl. Lenkradverst.
S476a Door Trim Panel Magnesium-grau
S477a Interior Strips, Wood
S481a Sports Seat
S482a Sportsitz Und Sportlenkrad
S488a Lumbar Support, Driver And Passenger
S489a Lordosenstütze Beifahrer Elektr.
S490a Lordosenstütze Für Fondsitze
S490a Verstellung Sitzlehnenbreite
S492a Storage Comp. In Center Armrest, Rear
S492a Oddments Tray, Center Console
S493a Storage Area Package
S494a Seat Heating Driver/passenger
S495a Dreipunktgurt U. Kopfstütze Hinten Mitte
S496a Seat Heating, Rear
S497a Rear Center Arm Rest
S498a Mechanical Rear Head Rest
S499a Electrical Rear Head Rest
S4a0a Interior Moldings, Aluminium
S4a1a Interior Moldings Graphitan-matt
S4a3a Precious Wood Version, Walnut, Light
S4a4a Interior Moldings, Aluminium "cirrus"
S4a5a Interior World R56 Grey
S4a6a Interior World R56 Beige 2
S4a7a Interior Colour Line R56 Dark Grey
S4a8a Interior Colour Line R56 Beige 1
S4a9a Interior Colour Line R56 Yellow
S4aaa Headlining Anthracite
S4aba Fine Wood Trim Burr Walnut
S4aca Real Poplar Wood-grain Trim
S4ada Int. Moldings, Longit. Fine Sanding Alu
S4aea Sliding Armrest Front
S4afa Headlining Basaltgrau
S4aga Interior Moldings Titan Dunkel
S4aga Interior Moldings Titan Matt
S4aha Fine Wood Trim American Nutwood
S4aka Interior Moldings, Matt Silver
S4aka Interior Moldings, Silver
S4ala Interior Moldings Titan Dunkel
S4ana Interior Surface Seven
S4apa Interior Surface Park Lane
S4ara Interior Surface Checkmate
S4asa Real Poplar Wood-grain Trim, Grey
S4ata Interior Strips, High-gloss, Black
S4aua Silver Line Interior R56
S4aza Dark Real Bamboo Wood-grain Trim
S4baa Interior Colour Line R56 Red 1
S4bba Interior Colour Line R56 Blue
S4bca Interior Surfaces R56 Foil 1
S4bda Interior Surfaces R56 Foil 2
S4bea Interior Surfaces R56 Real World
S4bfa Interior Surfaces R56 Real Aluminium
S4bga Interior Surfaces R55 Foil 4 (arbeitsn)
S4bka Alum. Interior Strips Ground Lengthwise
S4bla Interior World R56 Red2 (arbeitsnahme)
S4bma Interior Strips In Graphite Satin Glossy
S4bpa Light Real Poplar Wood-grain Trim
S4bra Interior Surfaces R57 Foil 5 (arbeitsn)
S4bsa Interior World R55 Colour (arbeitsname)
S4bta Interior World R57 Colour (arbeitsname)
S4faa Recaro Sports Seat
S4m0a Individual Fine Natural Poplar Wood
S4m1a Individual Fine Wood Mahagoni Maritim
S4m3a Interior Moldings,aluminium "cube Pure"
S4m4a Int. Mouldings Aluminium 3d Silver-grid
S4m4a Individual Strip, Alu Silver Grid
S4m5a Individual Leather-covered Dashboard
S4m6a Controller Aluminium Gefräst
S4m7a Individual Fine Wood Mahagoni
S4maa M Multifunction Seat
S4mba Interieurline Style
S4mca Interieurleisten Carbon Fibre
S4mda Interior Moldings, Tech Art
S4mda Interior Moldings Fibre Net Eis-grey
S4mea Real Wood Version, Santos
S4mea Fine Wood Trim Madeira Nutwood
S4mfa Dynamic Seat Back Width Adjustment
S4mfa Dynamische Lehnenbreitenverstellung
S4mga Int. Mouldings Aluminium Glacier-silver
S4mka Fine Wood Trim Carrara
S4mka Fine Wood Trim Olivesche Carrara Nat
S4mla Interior Strips, Piano Lacquer, Black
S4mma Individual Strips, Leather-covered
S4mra Interieurleisten Alu Wabe Geaetzt
S4mya Interior. Leather, Black,embossed,carbon
S4naa Interior Mirror With Digital-compass
S4nba Autom. Climate Control With 4-zone Ctrl
S4uaa Seat Adjustment Electric Parts
S4uba Seat Expansion, 5+2
S4uca Pedals "steel Line"
S4uda Sliding Loading Floor
S4uea Rear Bench Seat, Longitudinally Adjust.
S4ufa Sport Button
S4uha Sport Instruments
S4uka 5-sitzigkeit
S500a Scheinw.rein.anl./intensivreinig.
S502a Headlight Cleaning System
S507a Park Distance Control (pdc)
S508a Park Distance Control (pdc)
S509a Laser-abstands-messgerät (lam)
S510a Headlight Aim Control
S512a Entfall Leuchtweitenregulierung
S519a Additional Headlight
S520a Foglamps
S521a Rain Sensor
S522a Xenon-light
S523a Rear Air Conditioning With Coolbox
S524a Fahrlicht-control
S524a Adaptive Head Light
S525a Coolbox
S526a Rear Air Conditioning Discontinued
S527a Activated Carbon Filter
S527a Entfall Kühlbox/barfach
S528a Automatic Air Flow Control
S529a Microfilter
S530a Air Conditioning System
S531a All-season Roadster
S532a Air Fresher
S532a Klimaanlage Zg
S533a Rear Air Conditioning
S534a Aut. Air Conditioning W Extend. Amplitud
S534a Automatic Air Conditioning
S536a Independent Heating
S537a Independent Ventilation Control
S538a Latent Heat Accumulator
S539a Standklimatisierung Mit Fernbedienung
S539a Remote Control Indep.heating
S539a Independent Heating
S540a Cruise Control
S541a Adaptive Cruise Control
S542a Check-control
S543a Pressure Indicator
S544a Individual Equipment
S544a Dynamic Cruise Control
S544a Cruise Control With Braking Funct.
S545a Drehzahlm.,km/h-tacho,analoguhr+ec
S545a Additional Indicator F Oil Temperature
S546a Revolution Counter
S547a Additional Instruments
S547a Cockpit Chrono Package
S548a Kilometertacho
S549a Exklusiv-uhr
S549a Funkuhr
S550a On-board Computer
S551a On-board Computer Ii With Remote Control
S553a On-board Computer Iv With Remote Control
S554a On-board Computer V With Remote Control
S555a On-board Computer V With Remote Control
S556a Outdoor Temperature Indicator
S560a Leseleuchten Im Fond
S562a Reading Light
S563a Make-up Mirror Illuminated
S563a Inside Lights Package
S564a Inside Lights Package
S570a Reinforced Power Supply
S571a Reinforced Power Supply
S575a Steckdose Gepäckr. Incl. 2. Batt.
S577a Vorbereitung Mietwagen
S581a Cab Package
S582a Dummy-salapa
S583a Bmw La Wheel Aero 90
S584a Bmw La Wheel Styling 94
S585a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 71
S586a Bmw La Wheel S-spoke
S587a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 116
S588a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 115
S589a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 122
S590a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 123
S591a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 124
S592a Bmw La Wheel, Radial Spoke 118
S593a Bmw La Wheel/double Spoke 120
S594a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, Spider Spoke 92
S595a Bmw La Wheel, Ellipsoid Styling 121
S596a Bmw Light Alloy Wheel, V-spoke 126
S597a Bmw La Wheel, Star Spoke 89
S5aaa Rear Fog Light
S5aba Two-stage Stoplamp Discontinued
S5aca High-beam Assistant
S5daa Passenger Airbag Deactivation
S5dba Retractor 3-point Seat Belt, Rear Center
S5dca Tilting Rear Headrest
S5dda Wagenheber (arbeitsname)
S5dsa Kofferraumnotentriegelung
S5gaa Preparation, Alarm System
S601a Tv Function
S602a On-board Monitor/tv
S603a Fond Screen
S604a Personal Travel Assistent
S605a Telematics Preparation
S605a Btx/telefon
S606a Navigation System Business
S606a Navigation System, Radio
S607a Preparation, Teleservice
S607a Personal-computer (pc)
S608a Travel Note System
S608a Navigation System With On-board Monitor
S609a Navigation System, Professional
S609a Navigation System With On-board Monitor
S610a Head-up Display
S611a Night Vision
S612a Bmw Assist
S613a Internet-based Services
S616a Bmw Online
S619a Notrufsystem
S620a Voice Input System
S621a Fully Integrated Mobile Phone, Korea
S621a Bmw Telefon Bedienhör.vorn C-netz
S622a Zweithörer Im Fond Für Bmw Telefon
S623a Car Telephone D-network (gsm)
S624a Freisprechanlage Für C-netz
S624a Prepartation Bmw Handy (siemens)
S625a Telefon D-netz Handy
S625a Prepartation Bmw Handy (motorola)
S626a Telefon Siemens C2
S627a Telefon Siemens C3 Bed.h. Vorn
S627a Prepartation Bmw Handy (nokia)
S629a Car Telephone D-network W Card Reader,fr
S630a Car Teleph., Built-in, Cordless Receiver
S631a Second Receiver In The Rear (cordless)
S632a Vorber. Tel. C-netz Bed. Vo. U. Hi.
S632a Prepartation Bmw Handy (motorola)
S633a Preparation, Mobile Phone, Business
S633a Vorber. Telefon Siemens Bed. H. Vo.
S634a Fittings Telephone Install. C Net
S635a Fittings Telephone Install. D Net
S636a Vorber. Telefoneinbau Handy D-netz
S637a Vorber. Telefon Siemens C3 Bed. Vo.
S638a Car Telephone Professional
S639a Preparation F Mobile Phone Cpl. Usa/cdn
S640a Preparation F Tel.installation Universal
S641a Prep. Mobile Phone Usa Universal
S641a Vorber. Telefoneinbau Bmw Verdeckt
S642a Mobile, Fully Integrated Us Standard
S642a Vorber. Telefoneinbau Bmw Komplett
S643a Vorber. Autotel. D-netz F. Axicon
S644a Preparation F Mobile Phone W Bluetooth
S645a Bmw Us Radio
S646a Preparation F Teleph.installation Japan
S647a Becker Mexico Electronic Ii O.vf
S648a Radio Grundig 3883 Rds
S648a Bmw Cd Radio
S649a Cassette Drive
S650a Radio Bmw Reverse
S650a Cd Player
S650a Cd Drive
S651a Md Drive
S651a Radio Bmw Reverse Rds
S652a Dvd Drive
S652a Radio Bavaria C Ii
S653a Bmw Digital Radio
S653a Radio Bavaria C Reverse Ii
S654a Dab-empfänger
S654a Radio Bavaria C Iii
S655a Bmw Satellite Radio
S655a Radio Bavaria C Business
S656a Radio Bavaria C Professional
S656a Radio, Bmw Reverse/mini Wave
S657a Radio Bavaria C Reverse Iii
S657a Radio, Bmw Business/mini Boost
S658a Radio Bmw Business Cd Rds
S659a Radio Bmw Business Cd
S659a Radio Bavaria Electronic Cd Ii
S660a Radio Bmw Reverse (c42)
S661a Radio Bmw Business (c43)
S662a Radio Bmw Business Cd (cd53)
S662a Radio Bmw Business (cd72)
S662a Radio Bmw Business Cd (cd43)
S663a Radio Bmw Professional
S663a Radio Bmw Professional (c44)
S663a Radio Bmw Professional Cd
S664a Mobile Phone, Us Standard
S664a Radio Bmw Reverse Rds
S665a Radio Bmw Business Rds
S666a Radio Bmw Business Cd Rds
S667a Radio, Bmw Audio
S667a Radio Bmw Professional Rds
S668a Radio Bmw Reverse Rds
S669a Radio Bmw Business Rds
S670a Radio Bmw Professional Rds
S672a Bmw 6-cd Changer
S673a Hifi System Usa
S674a Hi-fi System Harman Kardon
S675a Fond-audiosystem
S675a Sound System
S676a Hifi Loudspeakers
S677a Hifi System Professional Dsp
S678a Headset System In Rear Compartment
S679a Rear Window Antenna
S679a Subwoofer Hifi System
S680a Radioantenne Manuell
S681a Roof Antenna
S682a Fondsitzbank In Stoff
S683a Telephone Antenna D-network
S684a Telefon-heckscheibenantenne D-netz
S685a Telephone Antenna C-network
S686a Antenna-diversity
S687a Radio Preparation
S689a Vorbereitung Für In-car Video
S690a Cassettenbox
S691a Cd Holder
S692a Preparation, Bmw 6-cd Changer I-bus
S693a Preparation Bmw Satellite Radio
S693a Hecklautsprecheranlage
S694a Provisions For Bmw 6 Cd Changer
S695a Md-changer
S695a Remote Control Radio
S696a Cd Changer Business
S696a Cd-box
S696a Dvd Changer
S697a Automatik-telefon-antenne
S697a Area-code 1 For Dvd
S698a Area-code 2 For Dvd
S699a Area-code 3 For Dvd
S6faa Provision For Dvd System In Rear
S6fba Radio Wave Cd
S6fca Boost Cd Radio
S6fda Hi-fi Speaker System R56
S6fea Mask New Zealand
S6ffa Dvd-system Im Fond
S6fga Fond-entertainment
S6fha Fond-entertainment Professional
S6naa Car Telephone In Rear Compartment
S6uaa Preparation Ccc
S6uba Preparation Voice Input System
S6uba Preparation Of Voice Input System
S6uca Preparation Of Tv Function
S6uda Language Version, Russian
S6uea Anti-theft Protection For Navigation Dvd
S700a Area-code 4 For Dvd
S701a Area-code 5 For Dvd
S702a Area-code 6 For Dvd
S704a M Sports Suspension
S705a M Sports Suspension Ii
S708a M Sports Steering Wheel Leather
S709a M Sports Steering Wheel Leather
S710a M Leather Steering Wheel
S710a M Sports Steering Wheel, Multifunction
S711a M Seat
S712a M Sports Seat
S713a Rear Spoiler
S713a Off-road-paket
S715a M Technic Aerodynamic Kit
S716a Aerodynamic Package
S717a Edition Comfort
S718a Edition Exclusive
S719a Edition Sport
S720a Sports Limited Edition
S720a Edition Zd
S721a Edition Zb
S722a Edition Zf
S722a Edition Lifestyle
S723a Edition Exclusive
S724a Edition Sport
S724a Edition Zh
S725a Basic Package
S725a Edition Ze
S725a Premium Package
S726a Edition Zn
S727a Edition Zo
S728a Edition Zv
S729a Edition Importeure
S731a Zusätzlicher Editionsumfang
S732a Interior Moldings, Carbon Fibre Pyrit
S733a Interior Moldings, Wood, Yacht-line
S736a 2nd Radio Remote Control Key
S737a Interior Moldings, Brushed Aluminum
S738a Fine Wood Trim
S739a Fine Wood Trim
S750a Tv/video (pal)
S751a Tv/video Ntsc
S752a Individual Audio System
S753a Young-line
S754a M Rear Spoiler
S755a California Roof
S756a Bmw Lm Rad Rundspeiche Individual
S757a Individual Sound-paket
S759a Family Kit
S760a High Gloss Shadow Line
S761a Individual Sunshade Glazing
S763a Individual Series Japan
S764a High Line Equipment
S766a Individual Series Japan
S767a 330i -sports Version
S767a Performance Package
S767a Individual Series "avus"
S767a Individual Sport
S768a Individual Series "clubsport"
S768a Individuals. 95 Atlanta Olymp.ed.
S769a Individual Series 96 Japan
S770a Individual Series 96 Classic
S770a Interior Moldings,alumin. "silver Cube"
S771a Edition Sport
S771a Titan-line Interieur
S772a Luxus Equipment
S772a Interior Moldings,aluminium"black Cube"
S773a Fine Wood Trim
S774a Fine Wood Trim
S775a Headlining Anthracite
S776a Headlining Alcantara
S776a Chromausstattung
S777a Trunk Trim Panel Alcantara
S778a Individual Bmw Identification
S778a Entrance Strips "bmw Individual"
S779a Carbon Line
S780a Bmw La Wheel, M Parallel Spoke
S781a Bmw La Wheel M Kontur
S782a Bmw Lm Rad M System Ii
S782a Suspension System Nürburgring
S783a M Double-spoke,forged
S784a M Outside Mirror
S785a Turn Signal Indicator Lights White
S786a Massnahmen 17"-räder
S787a Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 135
S787a Bmw La Wheel, Individual
S788a Bmw La Wheel, Individual
S789a Bmw La Wheel, Individual
S790a Extra Tank
S790a Bmw Alloy Wheel, M Double Spoke 97
S791a Coolbox
S791a M Technic Servotronic
S792a Bmw La Wheel M 19" Forged
S793a Sequential M-transmission
S795a Bmw Composite Wheel, M Double Spoke 71
S798a Verdeck Magenta (individual)
S7baa Mini Repair Included
S7bba Mini Repair Included
S7bca Mini Repair Included
S7bda Mini Repair Included
S7bea Mini Repair Included
S7caa Mini Repair Included
S7cba Mini Repair Included
S7cca Mini Repair Included
S7cda Mini Repair Included
S7cea Mini Repair Included
S7cfa Mini Repair Included
S7daa Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7dba Including Bmw Service
S7dca Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7m0a Bmw Individual Composition I
S7m1a Bmw Individual Composition Ii
S7maa Competition Package
S7n1a Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7n2a Including Bmw Service
S7n3a Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7n4a Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7n5a Including Bmw Service
S7n6a Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7n7a Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7n8a Including Bmw Service
S7n9a Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7naa Including Bmw Service
S7nba Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nca Including Bmw Service
S7nda Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nea Including Bmw Service
S7nfa Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nga Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7nha Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7nka Including Bmw Service
S7nla Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nma Including Bmw Service
S7nna Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7npa Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7nra Including Bmw Service
S7nsa Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nta Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7nua Including Bmw Service
S7nva Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7nxa Bmw Basic Service Inclusive
S7nya Including Bmw Service
S7nza Including Bmw Service And Repair
S7paa Including Mini Service
S7pba Including Mini Service And Repair
S7pca Mini Basic Service Inclusive
S7pda Mini Basic Service Inclusive
S7pea Including Mini Service
S7pfa Including Mini Service And Repair
S800a Abgasanlage Komplett Länder
S803a Entfall Dritte Bremsleuchte
S805a Activated Carbon Filter
S806a Third Stoplamp
S815a Poor Road Package
S817a Motorauslegung Roz 91
S818a Battery Main Switch
S823a Tropical Version
S823a Hot Country Model
S825a Oceania Radio
S825a Oceania Radio
S826a Fahrwerk In Exportabstimmung
S828a Bumper, Country Variant
S829a Vorbereitung Für Cabrio-umbau
S831a Entfall Radio
S832a Batterie Im Kofferraum
S834a Deleted, 330d France
S834a Entfall Cassettenhalterung
S835a Us Tourist Version
S836a Entfall Bavaria Cd 6 Selektion
S837a Entfall Navigationssystem
S837a Entfall Hifi-lautsprechersystem
S839a Pseudozusteuerung Entfall-sa
S840a High Speed Synchronisation
S840a Entfall Fernbedienung Für Radio
S841a Sa-paket-pseudo-schl.-nr.
S842a Cold Country Model
S843a Power Reduction
S845a Akustische Gurtwarnung
S847a Vorber. Für Sicherheitsfahrzeug
S847a Zusatzbatterie Für C-netz Telefon
S848a Erweiterter Kabelbaum
S849a Deleted: Automatic Emergency Call
S849a Tail Light, Country-specific
S850a Zusätzl. Tankfüllung Export
S851a Language Version German
S852a Instrument Markings Japanese
S853a Sprachversion Englisch
S854a Sprachversion Französisch
S855a Sprachversion Italienisch
S856a Sprachversion Spanisch
S857a Preparation Autom.air Conditioning
S858a Low Compression Engine
S859a Encoding Tv Function
S859a Anpassung/steuerung Ihka
S860a Additional Turn Indicator Lamp
S861a Data Record Without Eobd
S862a Stoffsitz Vorn Bei Taxipaket
S862a Definit.of Exhaust Emission Standard/coc
S863a Retailer Directory Europe
S864a Retailer Directory Overseas
S865a Ablagetische / Fusstützen Im Fond
S866a Language Version, Chinese Simpl.
S866a Language Version, Trad. Chinese
S866a Service Card Germany
S867a Language Version Korean
S868a Sprachversion Holländisch
S868a Language Version, Dutch
S868a Language Version, Dutch
S868a Radiovorbereitung Für Zf/zi
S869a Language Version Switzerland
S869a Radiovorbereitung Für Zg/zz
S870a Equipment "salt"
S871a Equipment "pepper"
S872a Equipment "chili"
S872a Preparation F Teleph.installation Japan
S873a Dummy-salapa
S874a Radio Frequency 434 Mhz
S875a Infrared Remote Control
S876a Radio Frequency 315 Mhz
S877a Entfall überkreuzbedienung
S878a Thermal Glazing Without Anti-glare Strip
S879a Operating Instructions German
S880a Operating Instructions, English
S881a Operating Instructions, French
S882a Gutschrift Für Erstausstattung
S883a Operating Instructions, Spanish
S884a Operating Instructions, Italian
S885a Operating Instructions, Swedish
S886a Operating Instructions, Dutch
S886a Operating Instructions, Dutch
S887a Operating Instructions, Arabic
S888a Operating Instructions, Danish
S889a Operating Instructions, Portuguese
S889a Operating Instructions, Finish
S890a Operating Instructions Japanese
S891a Operating Instructions, Russian
S892a Operating Instructions Chines.trad.
S895a Additional Fan
S896a Tagfahrlichtschaltung
S897a Dauerton Für Dwa
S898a Ckd Model
S899a Optische Signalgebung Für Dwa
S8aba Joint Venture China
S8aca Dummy-salapa
S8ada Alpina Roadster S
S8aea Owner's Handbook/service Booklet, Greek
S8afa Owner's Handbook/service Booklet, Korean
S8haa Dummy-salapa
S8saa Navigation Access Request,country-spec.
S8sba Telematics Access Request,country-spec.
S8sca Telematics Access Request,country-spec.
S8sda Underride Portection, Country Variant
S8sea 4-seats Version
S8sfa High Line Sport
S8sfa Special Edition "sport"
S8sga High Line Exclusiv
S8sga Special Edition "exclusive"
S8sha Thailand Motor
S8ska Int. Line Graphit Metallic Discontinued
S8sla Trailer Coupling Preparation
S8sma Car Ident. Number Visible From Outside
S8spa Control Unit Co2
S8spa Control Unit Cop
S8sra Special Edition "lifestyle"
S8ssa Special Edition "specialty Control Unit"
S8sta Maintenance Interval Encoding, Stage 3
S8sua Car Ident. Number Security
S8sva Hands-free Kit
S8swa Transport Protection Foil
S8sxa Prov.assignm.for Telematic/online Serv.
S8sya Dummy-salapa
S900a Electronic Immobilizer
S901a General Special Inspection
S902a Special Inspection Press Vehicles
S903a Fotofahrzeug
S904a Inspect.f Type Approval Vehicles
S905a Inspect.f Demonstration Vehicles
S906a Fotofahrzeug
S907a James Bond Edition
S908a Dummy-salapa
S909a Dummy-salapa
S910a Entwicklungsfzg. O. übergabeinsp.
S911a Entwicklungsfzg. M. übergabeinsp.
S915a Entfall Aussenhautkonservierung
S916a Entwicklungsfzg. O. Konservierung
S917a Overseas Preservation
S918a Alpina B3, Intern
S919a Türen Aluminium
S920a Alpina Ohne Brief
S921a Alpina B8, Intern
S922a Alpina Motorölkühler
S923a Niere Schmal
S923a Deleted: Titan-line
S924a Spiegel, Glas Plan Beifahrer
S924a Faltrad
S925a Versandschutzpaket
S926a Full-size Spare Wheel
S927a Tourist Handling
S927a All-season-bereifung
S928a Reifensteuerung
S929a Dummy-salapa
S930a Dummy-salapa
S931a Dummy-salapa
S931a Winter Instead Of Summer Tires Ex-fact.
S932a Dummy-salapa
S933a Dummy-salapa
S934a Dummy-salapa
S936a Light Alloy Wheel Rims "sa"
S936a Bmw Handy B. Ausliefer. Anfordern
S937a Dummy-salapa
S938a Winter Package
S938a Individual Series
S939a Dummy-salapa
S940a Special Equipment Bmw Individual
S941a Dummy-salapa
S942a Cancellation Of Special Request
S943a Dummy-salapa
S944a Subsequent Conversion By Individual
S945a Dummy-salapa
S946a Dummy-salapa
S947a Dummy-salapa
S954a Dummy-salapa
S960a Steering Angle Stop
S961a Special Motor
S962a Engine Characteristic Graph
S962a Deleted: Licence Plate Support Front
S963a Thailand Engine 2.4
S964a Pseudozusteuerung Für La/sa
S964a Navi Dvd To Be Requested At Shipping
S965a Additional Opt. Equipm. (front)+25kg
S966a Additional Opt. Equipm. (front)+50kg
S967a Additional Opt. Equipm. (rear)+25kg
S968a Additional Opt. Equipm. (rear)+50kg
S969a Additional Opt. Equipm. (rear)+75kg
S969a Navi Dvd To Be Requested At Shipping
S969a Navi Dvd To Be Requested At Shipping
S970a Business Package
S976a Rückenlehne Verstärkt
S978a Innovation Package
S979a Major Customer Package
S979a Value Package
S979a Business Package Ii
S980a Exclusive Package
S982a Hardtops
S983a Dummy-salapa
S984a Coding For None Eu Countries
S984a Maintenance Interval Encoding
S985a Us Radio Completion Set
S986a Dummy-salapa
S987a Dummy-salapa
S988a Maintenance Interval Encoding
S988a Entfall Radio
S989a Dummy-salapa
S990a Dummy-salapa
S991a Dummy-salapa
S992a Steuerung Kennzeichenbefestigung
S993a Model Year Code In Vin
S994a Dummy-salapa
S995a Dummy-salapa
S996a Hea Alt
S997a Dummy-salapa
S998a Dummy-salapa
S999a Auftragssteuerung Hea
S9aaa Outer Skin Protection
S9aba Outer Skin Protection, Elimination
Sra1a Picnic Table
Sra2a Make-up Mirror In The Rear
Sra3a Rear Can Holder
Sra4a Designer Analogue Watch
Sra5a Floor Mats, Lambs Wool
Sra6a Floor Mats, Front And Rear
Sra7a Outside Mirror With Auto Dip
Sra8a Rear Compartment Foot Rest
Sra9a Warning Triangle
Sraaa Interior Door Handle Rear
Sraba Briefcase Integrated
Sraca Humidor
Srada Umbrellas In Rear Doors
Sraea Leather Equipment, Extended
Sraga Clothes Bag For Trunk
Sraha Roller Cover For Luggage Compartment
Sraka Cover, Dashboard, Veneered
Srala Dashboard, Covered With Leather
Srama Trunk Trim Panel In Interior-color
Srapa Steering Wheel Spokes , Wooden
Srara Picnic Tables With Veneered Back
Srasa Drinks Cabinet For Individual Seats
Sraua Rr Logos An Kopfstützen
Srd1a Two-color Paint, Side
Srd2a Two-color Paint, Continuous
Srd3a Ornamental Line, Single
Srd4a Ornamental Line, Double
Srd5a Spirit Of Ecstacy Individual
Srd6a Blau Chrom
Sre3a Seat Heating, Front And Rear
Sre4a Universal Remote In Interior Mirror
Sre5a Independent Heating
Sre7a Charging Socket
Sre8a Reinforced Power Supply
Sre9a Spirit Of Ecstacy Electr. Retractable
Sreaa Curtains In The Rear
Sreba Automatic Trunk Lid Mechanism
Sreca Rear Air Conditioning
Sreda Electric Curtain For Rear Window
Srefa Sunshade Rear Window, Oyster
Srega Sunshade Rear Window, Black
Sreha Sonnenschutz Fondraum Oyster
Sreka Sonnenschutz Fondraum Schwarz
Srela Camera System
Srema Cool Box For Individual Seats
Srf1a Spare Wheel Lght Alloy Wh.,chrome Plated
Srf2a Hub Cap, Chrome Plated
Srf3a Wheel Center Cap With Rr Symbol
Srf4a Rolls-royce La Wheel 21"
Srf5a Rolls-royce La Wheel 21" Chromium-plated
Srf6a Hub Cover, Sports Style Chrome
Srf7a Dummy-salapa
Srf8a All-season Tires
Srf9a Mittelkappe Serienrad In Wagenfarbe
Srg1a Privacy Glazing
Srg2a Privacy Glazing, Rear Window Only
Srg3a Privacy Glazing With Clear Windshield
Srg4a Ir Protection Glazing F Side Window
Srg5a Sunshade Glazing, Rear
Srh1a Real Wood Version, Mahogany Crossbanding
Srh2a Real Wood Version, Mahogany Crossbanding
Srh3a Real Wood Version, Walnut Burr
Srh4a Real Wood Version, Oak Burr Crossbanding
Srh5a Real Wood Version, Oak Burr
Srh6a Real Wood Version, Elm Cluster Crossb.
Srh7a Real Wood Version, Elm Cluster
Srh8a Real Wood Vers. Bird's Eye Maple, Crossb
Srh9a Real Wood Version, Bird's Eye Maple.
Srhaa Fine Wood Trim Black Tulip
Srhaa Fine Wood Trim Black Tulip
Srk1a Navi System With Tv/onboard Monitor
Srk2a Rolls Royce Assist
Srk5a Voice Input System
Srl1a Padded Steering Wheel
Srm1a Visible Engine Number
Srp1a Business Package I
Srp2a Business Package Ii
Srr5a Cd Changer, 6-fold
Srr6a 6-dvd Changer
Srr7a Navi Dvd Nordamerika
Srr8a Navi Dvd Europe
Srr9a Navi Dvd Arabischer Golf
Srraa Navi Dvd Japan
Srs1a Two Individual Seats, Rear
Srs2a Lift-up-and-slide-back Sunroof, Front
Srs3a Theatre Configuration Lounge Seat
Srs4a Front Sunroof Discontinued
Srt1a Car Teleph., Built-in, Cordless Receiver
Srt3a Preparation F Mobile Phone Cpl. Usa/cdn
Srt4a Second Receiver In The Rear (cordless)
Srt5a Prep. Mobile Phone Complete Lat America
Srt6a Integral Telephone W Cordless Handset
Srt7a Vorbereitung Handy Bluetooth Interf.
Srv1a Verdeck Schwarz
Srv2a Folding Top, Beige
Srv3a Verdeck Blau
Srv4a Verdeck Rot
Srv5a Verdeck Grün
Srv6a Verdeck Metall-optik
Srz1a Dummy-salapa
Sv01a Dummy-salapa
Sv02a Dummy-salapa
Sv03a Dummy-salapa
Sv04a Dummy-salapa
Sv05a Dummy-salapa
Sv06a Dummy-salapa
Sv07a Dummy-salapa
Sv08a Dummy-salapa
Sv09a Dummy-salapa
Sv10a Dummy-salapa
Sv11a Dummy-salapa
Sv12a Dummy-salapa
Sv13a Dummy-salapa
Sv14a Dummy-salapa
Sv15a Dummy-salapa
Sv16a Dummy-salapa
Sv17a Dummy-salapa
Sv18a Dummy-salapa
Sv19a Dummy-salapa
Sv20a Dummy-salapa
Sv21a Dummy-salapa
Sv22a Dummy-salapa
Sv23a Dummy-salapa
Sv24a Dummy-salapa
Sv25a Dummy-salapa
Sv26a Dummy-salapa
Sv27a Dummy-salapa
Sv28a Dummy-salapa
Sv29a Dummy-salapa
Sv30a Soft-close-automatic
Sv31a Dummy-salapa
Sv32a Dummy-salapa
Sv33a Dummy-salapa
Sv34a Dummy-salapa
Sv35a Dummy-salapa
Sv36a Dummy-salapa
Sv37a Dummy-salapa
Sv38a Dummy-salapa
Sv39a Dummy-salapa
Sv40a Dummy-salapa
Sv41a Dummy-salapa
Sv42a Dummy-salapa
Sv43a Dummy-salapa
Sv44a Dummy-salapa
Sv45a Dummy-salapa
Sv46a Dummy-salapa
Sv47a Dummy-salapa
Sv48a Dummy-salapa
Sv49a Dummy-salapa
Sv50a Dummy-salapa
Sv51a Dummy-salapa
Sv52a Dummy-salapa
Sv53a Dummy-salapa
Sv54a Dummy-salapa
Sv55a Dummy-salapa
Sv56a Dummy-salapa
Sv57a Dummy-salapa
Sv58a Dummy-salapa
Sv59a Dummy-salapa
Sv60a Deleted Dsc Module
Sv60a Dummy-salapa
Sv61a Trailer Coupling
Sv62a Antenna
Sv63a Airbag Deactivation
Sv64a Emission Tank
Sv65a Dummy-salapa
Sv66a Dummy-salapa
Sv67a Dummy-salapa
Sv68a Dummy-salapa
Sv69a Mirror Attachment Function
Sv70a Dummy-salapa
Sv71a Container, Headlight Washer Sys, Front
Sv72a Rear Window Washer Container, Front
Sv73a Storage Tray In Instrument Panel
Sv74a Dummy-salapa
Sv75a Dummy-salapa
Sv76a Dummy-salapa
Sv77a Up-rated Fuel Pump
Sv78a Abs Sensor, Variant 1
Sv79a Abs Sensor, Variant 2
Sv80a Hood Hinge
Sv81a Headliner, 2-layer
Sv82a Dummy-salapa
Sv83a Battery Tray
Sv84a D-pillar Reinforcement
Sv85a Dummy-salapa
Sv86a Dummy-salapa
Sv88a 4-wheel Drive
Sv90a Dummy-salapa
Sv91a Dummy-salapa
Sv92a Partial Construction With Panoramic Roof
Sv99a Dummy-salapa
Sxaaa Individual R.s. Infotainment Online
Sxaba Individual R.s. Infotainment
L801a National Version Germany/austria
L801a National Version Germany
L802a National Version Korea
L804a National Version Commonwealth
L807a National Version Japan
L808a National Version Israel
L809a National Version Denmark
L810a National Version Australia
L811a National Version Belgium
L812a National Version England / Ireland
L812a National Version Great Britain
L813a National Version France
L814a National Version Italy
L816a National Version Eastern Europe
L819a National Version Spain
L820a National Version Latin America
L821a National Version Egypt
L822a Gulf Version
L824a National Version South Africa
L827a National Version Scandinavia
L830a National Vers. Northern Countries
L833a Country Specification, Singapore
L838a National Version Canada
L846a Country-specific Version Taiwan
L8aaa China Version
P237a Driving Dynamics Package
P330a Sports Package
P335a Individual Series 95 Special Exec.
P336a Sports Package
P336a M Sports Package
P337a M Sports Package
P338a Dummy-salapa
P446a Rear Compartment Oriented Equipment
P448a High Line Top-equipment
P462a Komfortsitz Mit Ablagetisch
P505a Scheinw.rein.anl.,nebelsch.,heckw.
P535a Klimakomfortpaket
P580a Cab Package
P581a Cab Package
P626a Communication Package Cell. Phone
P628a Kommunikationspaket
P671a Radio Busin./cd Changer/hifi-sys.
P703a Eastern Europe Package
P706a Dummy-salapa
P714a Luxury Package
P730a Package Advantage
P730a Individual Sonderserie
P734a Package Levant
P735a Basic Package
P740a Edition Zd
P741a Edition Zb
P742a Edition Zf
P743a Edition Sondermärkte
P744a Edition Zh
P745a Edition Ze
P746a Edition Zn
P747a Edition Zo
P748a Edition Zv
P749a Edition Importeure
P758a Individual Luxus-compact
P762a Individual Series 95 Selection Japan
P763a Individual Brasilien
P765a Motorsport Edition Za
P777a Motorsport International
P7aea Taiwan-package, Low
P7afa Extended Chrome Package
P7aga Interior Package "individual"
P7aga Interior Package Indiv., Piano Varnish
P7aha Interior Package Individual, Ash
P7aka Interior Package Individual, Walnut
P7ala Mini Seven
P7ama Mini Park Lane
P7ana Mini Checkmate
P7apa Package Dynamic And Advantage
P7asa Advantage + Comfort + Dynamic Package
P7ata Advantage + Comfort Package
P7aua Advantage + Sport Package
P7ava Comfort + Sport Package
P7awa Advantage + Comfort + Sport Package
P7axa Advantage + Sport Package M
P7aya Comfort + Sport Package M
P7aza Advantage + Comfort + Sport Package M
P7m2a Bmw Individual Composition
P7m3a Bmw Individual Composition, Maritime
P7m4a Bmw Individual Composition, Sporty
P7mba Edition Exclusive Sport
P7mca Edition Exclusive
P7mca Package Edition Exclusive
P7mda Edition Lifestyle
P7paa Including Mini Service
P7pba Including Mini Service And Repair
P7r1a Navig. Syst. With Mobile Phone Provision
P7r2a Lifestyle Paket
P7r3a Ukraine Package
P7r4a Driver Package With Sport Package
P7raa Special Edition Exclusive Carbon/grey
P7rba Special Edition Exclusive Carbon/zimt
P7rca Special Edition Exclusive Stratus/grey
P7rda Special Edition Exclusive Stratus/zimt
P7rea Special Edition Lifestyle Carbon/grey
P7rfa Special Edition Lifestyle Carbon/zimt
P7rga Special Edition Lifestyle Stratus/grey
P7rha Special Edition Lifestyle Stratus/zimt
P7rka Special Edit. Lifestyle Diamant/walk Sw
P7rla Special Edit. Sport Nachtblau/alcantara
P7rma Light Technology Package
P7rna Driver Package
P7rpa Package Advantage
P7rra Package Dynamic
P7rsa Package Comfort
P7rta Package Dynamic And Comfort
P7rua Special Edition Exclusive Diamant/black
P7saa Open Air Package
P7sba Dummy-salapa
P844a Schlechtwetterpaket
P890a Standardpaket
P891a Executive Equipment
P892a High Line-package
P893a Middle-east Package
P893a Middle-east Package
P894a Hk-2 Package
P912a Oe-paket
P913a Oe-paket Plus
P914a Premium Package
P948a Core Module Package V-5-ka
P949a Sportpaket La
P950a Lateinamerika-paket
P951a Korea-paket
P951a Summer Package
P952a China-paket
P953a Taiwan-paket
P954a Business Package Ii
P955a Middle-east Package
P955a Business Line
P956a Middle-east Package
P957a Hk-paket
P958a Basic Package, Mexico
P959a Luxuspaket Mexico
P970a Aktionspaket
P971a Exclusive Package
P972a Package Komfort
P973a Winter Package
P973a Malaysia Package
P974a Asian Package
P975a Dummy-salapa
P976a Comfort Package
P976a Dummy-salapa
P977a Exclusive Line
P981a Comfort Plus Package
P981a Top Komfortpaket
P9baa Premium Package
P9bba Package Premium + Comfort
Prp1a Business Package I
Prp2a Business Package Ii
Pxa1a Special Edition Carbon/cinnamon
Pxa2a Special Edition Carbon/bicolor Grey
Pxa3a Special Edition Carbon/champagner
Pxb1a Special Edition Stratus/cinnamon
Pxb2a Special Edition Stratus/bicolor Grey
Pxb3a Special Edition Stratus/champagne
Pxc1a Special Edition Nightblue/cinnamon
Pxc2a Special Edition Nightblue/bicolor Grey
Pxc3a Special Edition Nightblue/champagne
Pzaaa Individual Rsi Professional

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      05-27-2012, 12:54 AM   #3
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Thanks for the prompt reply,

Don't think that is what I was after. For example, if coding VO to add $6NR, which modules (ECU's) are affected by the change e.g. CIC, CAS, etc.

Similarly for $2MD e.g. CIC, DSC, etc.

Reason being I want to look at trace file changes.
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