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      05-03-2017, 11:32 AM   #265
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First word that spring to here is grounding. I'm noob in that I have yet to decide on a final scheme. Good time to goodle MiniDSP.
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      05-03-2017, 11:33 AM   #266
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Drives: 2008 BMW E92 330d coupe
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There's a pretty solid thing to be done with augmenting the overall width of wire from the main battery, but again that's one for Groodle.
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      06-03-2017, 11:50 PM   #267

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Fantastic post. Just buying a 330d tomorrow so this will come in handy.

Can you get those custom made adapter harnesses in the uk?
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      06-23-2017, 11:27 AM   #268
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Mid-bass or bass replacement speakers

Hi there, interesting post, thank you for all the information. This morning while commuting to work the speaker under the passenger began rattling. I wasn't thinking in upgrading my speakers but know I need to, starting with the ones under the seat. I want something better than factory but not top of the line. Also something more like PlugNPlay. My radio codes are 645, 663 (professional) and 676 (Hi-Fi). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
2006 325i (Base)
Barriquerot Metalic

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      05-14-2018, 07:28 PM   #269
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I got Technic's harness for the stock Hi-Fi stuff and it made the install of a new amplifier a breeze. This thread was extremely informative, thanks for the community knowledge!

FWIW I didn't think to Google around for Technic's online shop, if anyone else is stupid like me it's here: https://technicpnp.com/
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      05-29-2018, 01:10 PM   #270
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Base under seat sub question

For starters, I have already looked at the majority of these three ads for this answer, and can't find it. I learned today that I do not have a simple bold in undersea sub woofer for my E 91 with the base audio system. The damn thing is glued into the enclosure. From the pictures I've seen from some of the installs on here, I can see where they have been separated and can see the residual glue on the stock sub woofer, but my question is, how do you separate the two without ruining the enclosure? I swear I have looked all over for this answer before asking the question, but I can't find it. As of this moment I am trying to figure it out on my own, but hopefully someone will be able to offer a little bit of advice on this. Thanks.
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      06-06-2018, 12:40 PM   #271
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How can I get in touch with Technic to order a Plug PnP harness and custom Navone LOC with remote out to 6-pin connector? Seems you can no longer PM that individual and they haven't logged on in almost 3 months. Anyone been able to call them or email them or know of an alternative way of getting a hold of these parts like through a company/website?

I have an e93 with Harman Kardon and looking to do what this individual did here:


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      06-07-2018, 01:33 AM   #272
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He has his own website now

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      06-28-2018, 07:59 AM   #273
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Hey guys,

I just wanted to confirm something.

My car is E92 12.2006 Europe version with standard music (no tweeters) and CC professional navigation.

I just upgraded my speakers with Match ones -> front doors https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/m...s/ms-42c-bmw.1 (added twitters as well + crossovers)
Rear doors -> https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/m...rs/ms-4x-bmw.1
Subwoofers (actually still waiting on them but should be on the car soon) -> https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/m...kers/mw-8bmw-d
And their amplifier for that setup -> https://www.audiotec-fischer.de/en/m...lifiers/m-5dsp

Sound is already improved but from what I get as a info for the car audio shop (and from the forum here) its not the best and get a lot of distortion on higher sound levels due to the head unit. I guess I need to re-code it to HiFi in order to fix this.

So my question is will this affect my rear speakers? What about the sound of my park distance sensors?

And is this all I need to re-code it:

Plug in cable to OBD port and selected usb port
Run NCSexpert
Click "file" and select "load profile" and select "expertmode"
Click "ZCS/FA f. ECU
Select chassis type "e89"
On choose ECU select "CAS"
After your vin is shown select "enter FA"
Select chassis type "e89"
Ensure VIN shown is correct and select "OK"
Enter $676 and then select "add"
Then scroll down and select "£676" and select "OK" (this step is to ensure the vehicle option (VO) has correctly been applied.)
Then select "Back button"
Then select "F4 Process ECU"
Then select from drop down list "CAS"
Then select "F2 Change Job"
Then select "FA_WRITE" and click "OK"
Ensure CAS is shown on "Get Coded" and FA_WRITE shown on "JOB NAME"
Select "F3 Execute Job"

The procedure need to be apply on both CAS and FRM modules !

Once done, don't forget to "SG_CODIEREN" on the modules

You need to wait yhe car to go into sleep mode before settings to take effect.
I also recently upgraded my mulf module to mulf 2 high in order to have USB stick support. This will be unaffected, right?

Sorry for bringing old topic but did not manage to find full step by step guide

I actually went impatient and we did the coding with a friend of mine. Its working on hi-fi now (at least as far as my ears and speakers can say - not sure if visually we can check that other than reading it with ncsexpert???).

What I may suggest to the guys who are about to do that is to make backups! If you just add £676 to the VO it will mess other options as well which you probably will want to revert back (e.g. it totally disabled my bluetooth phone).

The rear parktronic sensors sounds not that bad (quieter than the front ones but I can live with that).

The main issue now (I have added Mulf 2 High a week ago like I said previously but even before that my car originally had bluetooth phone) is my volume during calls is quiet and I can increase it up to some point which for me is not loud enough especially if you drive on a highway.

What coding can we do in order to increase the volume during calls and eventually on the rear parktronic sensors? Thanks in advance and for the previous info as well
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      11-16-2018, 06:03 PM   #274
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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post

The frequent posters on this board have posted answers to the same questions over and over again. Follow this thread to avoid the repeat questions and find links to some of the answers. Note: this thread is organized thematically and hot linking is maximized; therefore you may see links to a particular thread appear more than once.
  1. Don't cut any wires!

    Just about any modification can be completely reversible; there are a number of solutions:

    For more harness info: see below
  2. Figure out the system with which you are starting

    There are 4, yes FOUR different levels audio systems in any E9x vehicle, with variations on each depending on the "brain" of the system.

    Audio System Overview from BMW TIS

    See: E9X audio systems defined.
    • Base/Stereo: 4 Mids + 2 underseats, no amp - Hint: look inboard of the mirrors at the A pillar...solid plastic instead of tweeters? --> Base
    • HiFi (Option 676): 4 mids, 2 underseats, 2 or 4 tweeters, analog amp<--EASIEST TO UPGRADE Hint: look inboard of the mirrors at the A pillar...tweeters? Yes & Center speaker in Dash: No? --> HiFi
    • Top Hifi/Logic 7 (Option 677)/Harman Kardon (Option 688): ~13 speakers, plus digital amp Hint: look inboard of the mirrors at the A pillar...tweeters? Yes & Center speaker in Dash: Yes? -->Top HiFi
    • Enhanced Premium Sound / Individual Audio (Option 752) (Brochure): ~16 speakers, digital amp Hint: look inboard of the mirrors at the A pillar...tweeters? Yes & Center speaker in Dash: Yes? AND See through speaker grilles with yellow speaker cones --> Individual Audio

    Due to the presence of analog, low-level, flat, balanced outputs, the HiFi option is the easiest to upgrade. If you have any of the others, you may be able to recode to HiFi
    Note: Within each, there are varying power levels (and in some cases different speakers), depending on the brain of the system:
    • Non I-Drive
      • Business HU (Option 662)
      • Professional HU (Option 663)
    • I-Drive
      • M-ASK (Business Nav)
      • CCC (Early Professional Nav)
      • CIC (Current Professional Nav)
    BUT...the important part is figure out your basic physical (amp+speaker) topology.
  3. Figure out what your goals are.

    Your goals may range from adding a little "thump" to a vehicle with the EPS or Logic 7 systems, or to completely gutting the system as frequently happens with the base stereo...or anything in between. Think of what your ultimate goal is (don't jump to I want to add X amp and Y sub), and research options. Often you will find a solution that is different than the one you planned, or decide there is a better way to do what you were thinking. Finally, this gets addictive, so if you think you might end up wanting more in the endgame, consider whether your path will allow you to "spiral" upgrade or if you will get stuck at a certain point, and have to replace components to go any further. To get an idea of what is possible, here is one of the best, most effective, oem friendly upgrades.

    If you aren't sure, talk to a competent installer, such as those who contribute on this forum (not one who is going to hack your car up). As a general matter, if someone is suggesting cutting door panels, wiring harnesses, putting in different size speakers...they almost certainly don't know what they are doing. Amazing quality audio can be obtained from BMWs using completely stock locations.
  4. Check out what equipment fits for your car.
  5. See examples of installation.
    Before you start: Installation overview "primer" courtesy of VP Electricity @ Musicar NW
    Link to the rest of the install threads (below)

At the end of the day, if your question isn't answered here, it has been elsewhere.... or better yet Google. Google does a great job of indexing this forum.

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