Episode 2 - Clears

  Welcome back to the e90post project car, and its first mod!

ok, now that this puppy has been sitting in the driveway for a few weeks, looking beautiful as always, its time to get down to business and open her up! although she is stunning stock without anybody touching her, we want her to look her very best! just like a beautiful women uses makeup for perfection, we at e90post are gonna fix up our Alpine white 325i with some eye makeup.

we have decided to go ahead and put in some European Halogen Headlights

European Headlights have cleared lenses, instead of the amber colored lenses. these new lights gives our car a much cleaner and satisfying look. this mod adds continuity, and a uniform look to the front. the front of the car now flows perfectly together as you look across it. it looks especially great on alpine white, the clear lense matchs perfectly with the paint. since not very many e90 in the U.S. have this mod, this will definently seperate this needle from the haystack.

along with these headlights, we have installed some PIAA Xtreme white plus bulbs for the fog lights and the headlights. these lights will project a brighter white lights from our headlights, instead of the boring Yellow-ish light that they normally emit, which just about everyother car in the universe does.

overall this mod is PERFECT. this really makes the car stand out from other e90's (in the U.S.), and it is not something flashy. it would make any e90 look much much better. European lights are a MUST have for any e90 owner, no matter what color they have.

until next time, cheers!